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The next time you travel, instead of lugging around your heavy suitcase, let your luggage do the work of carrying you around. The Modobag is a revolutionary piece of motorized carry-on luggage. With 2000 cubic inches of packing space, the Modobag can accommodate riders up to 260 lbs.

This innovative product was invented by Chicago entrepreneur and avid traveler Kevin O’Donnell. The idea struck him when he was pulling the kids on his suitcase at the airport, and wondered, “Why can’t we ride our luggage and get to where we’re going faster with less stress?”

He worked together with his motorcyclist friend, Boyd Bruner, to bring to life the vision of making traveling more functional and fun.

The bag can travel up to 6 miles on a single charge, at 8 miles an hour. It is lightweight, and can easily convert from motor to pull-behind use. It comes with dual USB charging ports for your electronics and optional GPRS-GSM tracking.

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    Everyone needs a Modobag

    Posted by Natalie Pacheco on Mar 20th 2020

    I just received my Modobag and it’s safe to say, I think EVERYONE needs a Modobag!! I love mine! They took their time making this bag. The materials used are obviously selected carefully. The speed of the Modobag is controlled by the driver, I love that it can go fast or slow (: the only thing is that the bag doesn’t go in reverse, only forward but nonetheless, I needed this Modobag

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    Posted by Tom Klamet on Oct 21st 2019

    High quality, seems to chew up the battery on carpeting
    Please let me know how to order a spare battery and extra wheels.
    Also you should consider a 6-8” seat cushion for additional hight and comfort, maybe memory foam on top?
    Thank, Tom 216-402-3311

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    Posted by JoEtta Crupi on Jul 21st 2019

    Wow! I don’t know what I would have done had I not had this riding carry-on!! Because of a recent Achilles’ tendon surgery, walking was painful. Flew from Cleveland to Charlotte, then to Seattle, then back to Charlotte, then on to Cleveland. I would have never been able to walk those terminals and this bag saved me from asking for someone in a cart to take me to the gate. I recommend this awesome invention to anyone. It’s stable, turns on a dime without tipping, fast, and convenient. Thank you, MODOBAG!!

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    Posted by JoEtta Crupi on Jun 19th 2019

    The first time I really got any practice was motoring around on my kitchen floor and was worried how well I’d be able to operate it in real-time at the airport. Piece of cake! Was surprised at how comfortable it was for me, how easily maneuverable it was,, how well it cornered without tipping over, and the versatility of its speed and brake. I had so much fun “driving” the bag on the straightaway and was really getting the looks along with people pointing in my direction. So all I can is “so far, so good” great. Unreal how all the details were explored, even down to the fine details of having sturdy straps in which to lift the bag and a convenient side pocket. One of the best investments I’ve ever made. Hope it lasts for years to come.
    After Visiting with one of my friends in SC and demonstrating the bag for her, I’m certain she will be buying one for her husband.

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    Constant stares and “I want one!”

    Posted by Ioane Burns on Sep 12th 2018

    Everywhere I travel with my modobag, I am constantly stopped to ask about it. My modobag is great and gets me where I want to go quickly and effortlessly. It has an amazing amount of storage space! I have since bought two and have had many friends get their own as well! Mahalo from Hawaii Modobag!!!

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    Ioane Burns modobag

    Posted by Ioane Burns on Jun 21st 2018

    I love my bag, it actually has a lot more room inside than I expected. The ride is fabulous. I suggest to others to ride and be careful about sharp quick turns. Other than that the look of envy at the airport is priceless.

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    Posted by on Jun 12th 2018

    The suitcase itself is unbelievably more fun than you'd think. 8mph is fast!!

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    Posted by Chris Pisano on Dec 11th 2017

    Simply put Modobag is awesome. I used this at O'Hare and JFK last week and got to the gate in minutes and I was wasn't sweating. The charging component worked great as well. Thanks for this awesome invention.

Modobag Is Changing The Way The World Travels

"Modobag is one of the most innovative and exciting advancements to hit the travel industry since rolling suitcases were introduced in the 1970's. I have test driven the Modobag at heavily-trafficked airports, including O'Hare, JFK and LaGuardia. From the first-time traveler to the veteran flight attendant, there is widespread agreement that Modobag will help make travel more functional and fun. Where once travelers had to run through the airport with heavy gear to catch connections they can now get where they need to be on time, on their Modobag." -Kevin O'Donnell

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